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Cozy game about a journey of personal discovery


About our game

We are Malapata Studio, developers of Camper Van: Make it Home, a videogame about camperizing. You will embark on a journey of personal discovery while you decorate your van and create a space for all your belongings.



Zen Puzzle game

Zen videogame mechanics where you can play at your own pace, without pressure. Enjoy the cozy and wholesome visuals of the gameplay.

Interior Design

Create a space as creative as it is useful to organize all your belongings. Camperize a van with many pieces of furniture.

The Journey’s Story

Discover the story of our protagonist through the objects. These will narrate her experiences, the changes she undergoes, and the people who come into her new life on the move.

Explore scene

Explore a variety of items, see how furniture is transformed and discover hidden corners.

About us

Our Team


We Are Indie Game Developers

We are a Spanish independent video game studio formed by an experienced professional team. We make zen games that convey the importance of personal development through narrative and mechanics. 



We develop games that are the union between what the public wants and what we can develop.


Creative Design

We collaborate with experienced professionals such as Glassmuse.


Dev Journey

We share our daily progress on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok

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